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Our Mission

The International Center for Comparative and Institutional Research (InterComCenter), St. Petersburg, Russia, is a not-for-profit organization geared to research and learning in the social sciences. It was founded in 1999 to conduct and encourage social research, train researchers, and assist scholars, graduate students, and academic bodies engaged in comparative and institutional research.

The InterComCenter’s mission is to provide research opportunities for students, scholars and organizations and to establish high quality educational opportunities. The InterComCenter advances the ideals of liberal arts, interdisciplinarity, professional education and life-long learning.


Areas of activity:

  • Research and scholarship in the social sciences
  • Operating as a think tank
  • Teaching and training, distance learning, long-life education
  • Working with donors for scholarships and stipends for MA and PhD students studying the social sciences and doing research in Russia and abroad

The InterComCenter’s general objectives:

  • bridging theory, research and teaching
  • teamwork experiences
  • communication skills, academic writing and presentations
  • active learning and creative thinking
  • fostering professional relations between social sciences scholars in Western and Eastern European and Asian countries


  • Summer Schools and Seminars in ‘Training the Trainers’ format
  • Research and scholarship
  • Establishing the Networks of academics doing research and teaching in Comparative and Institutional Social Sciences


Almanac of Comparative Research. The Almanac popularizes significant research in comparative social research and encourages discussion of it.




Modernity and the Future of Capitalism in Eurasia

Comparative Study of Everyday Life