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Maxim Storchevoy
Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Management, St-Petersbur



  • 1998, Ph.D at Department of Economics, Saint-Peterburg State University
  • 1998, M.A. at Department of Economics, Saint-Peterburg State University

Research interests

  • Business Ethics and CSR
  • Economic analysis of law
  • Economic theory of organizations
  • Economic lexicography


  • 2008- , Business Ethics (Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University)
  • 2005-2008,  2010- Contracts and Firms (Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University)
  • 1995-1998, History of Economic Thought (Department of Economics, St. Petersburg University)
  • 1998-2005, Institutional Economics (Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg University)

Working Papers

  • A New Evolutionary Theory of Business Ethics
  • Strategies of Business Conflicts Resolution through Business Ethics
  • Orthodox Christianity and Economic Ethics
  • Strategic Organizational Choices of Russian MNEs’ Expansion
  • Design of Effective Contracts with Public Servants
  • Social networks and internalization of the firm

Books in Russian


  • 1999, Basic Economics. St-Peterburg: The School of Economics Institute.
  • 2001, The chapter  Structures and Institutes of Russian Peasant Economy in the end of 19th century and before Revolution of 1917 in the book Social, Economic and Political Modernization of Russia, 19-20 centuries. St-Peterburg.
  • 2004, Some chapters in 50 Lectures in Microeconomics. St-Peterburg: The School of Economics Institute.
  • 2007, The chapter What is a Contribution of Social Market Economy Concept? in the book Social Market Economy: concept, experience, and implications for Russia (ed. by Nureev R.). Moscow.


Papers in Russian

  • 2001, Power, Culture and Market‑Building: The Russian Experience (with Jeffrey K. Hass)
  • 2003, Be Yourself No Matter What They Say (Review of the book Economic Sociology: new approaches in institutional and network analysis, ed. by Radaev V. V.)
  • 2004, Sociology of Markets: A New Methodology (Review of  the book Sociology of Markets by Radaev V. V.)
  • 2006, Some Doubts in the Dynamic Capabilities Concept
  • 2007, What Is New in the Concept of Social Market Economy
  • 2009, Normative Business Ethics: A Clarification of the Theory
  • 2009, Normative Business Ethics: Application to Moral Dilemmas






Modernity and the Future of Capitalism in Eurasia

Comparative Study of Everyday Life