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Current position: Professor of Sociology at St.Petersburg State University

Smolny 1/3, entr.9
Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University
St.Petersburg, Russia, 193060
Tel.(812) 2719223; Fax (812) 1100077
Home: (812) 1000894
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Born: June 17, 1954, Archangelskaja oblast, USSR

Professional activities


- Professor, Department of sociology at St. Petersburg State University 
1997 - present


- Senior scientist at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Science 
1998 - present 


- Lecturer, Department of sociology at St.-Petersburg State University 


- Assistant, Lecturer, Chair of Philosophy and Sociology, Syktyvkar State University
1980 - 1990

Academic training and degrees

Saint-Petersburg State University Doctor of Sciences, Social Philosophy 1995 

Leningrad State University PhD, Philosophy (Candidate Nauk) 1985

Leningrad State University M.A. Social Sciences and Philosophy 1980

Professional and public work


    Editor in chief "Journal of sociology and social anthropology" since September 1997


    Coordinators of the program DAAD (Germany) between faculties of sociology of universities Bielefeld and St.-Petersburg since 1994 – present 


    Vice – President and executive director of the Committee of M. Kovalevsky’s Sociological Society since 1996 


    Secretary of a Special Committee for Approving Doctor Degrees in Sociology and Social Work 1996 - 2000 


    Director, Russian – German Center of the Social Sciences, July 1996 – present


    Coordinator of the program Tempus (Tacis) with faculties of sociology and social sciences at Universities Bielefeld, Strassbourg, Lisbon and St.-Petersburg "Development of social sciences at the St.-Petersburg state university" (1993-1997) 

Representative publications


    The social responsibility and social justice. In: Series "Philosophy". № 12. M.: Znanie, 1988. 


    In searches of social harmony: the social responsibility and social justice. Sverdlovsk: Ural. Press University, 1990. (co-author V. Fedotova)


    History of Russian sociology. M.: Onega, 1995 (co-author I. Golosenko)


    Modernization: from equality to freedom. St.-Petersburg, 1995. (co-authors V. Fedotova, A. Utkin)


    Die Sozialstruktur der russischen Gesellschaft. In: Gesellschaften in Russland. Hagen, 1997. 


    Alternatives to the Russian sociology. In: The Russian sociology.M., 1997.


    Losses and findings of sociology // The Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology.1998. Volume 1. № 1.


    Social Protest and labor’s conflict. St.-Petersburg, 1999. 


    St.-Petersburg as reflected in the sociology. St.-Petersburg, 2003.


    Bielefeld University, Germany 

    Lisbon New University, Portugal

    Strasbourg University, France 

    Berlin Free University, Germany 




    1992, 1993


    German, English


Modernity and the Future of Capitalism in Eurasia

Comparative Study of Everyday Life